Website design

Creative minds, creative works.

According to your ideas, we will create a website for your company and we can offer a solution ourselves. We will adjust the website to your needs, but also to the needs of your clients.

Website design

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Izrada web stranica - Mellon Development

Website design

Today’s society functions on visual stimuli, so when creating a website we will pay special attention to the graphic processing and adjusting of the photos you choose on your website, as well as enter and process all materials prepared in digital form.

We will adjust the website to different screen sizes, which is important because most people today search the internet on mobile devices, so the page should be adjusted to read on the same.

The appearance of your website is what will attract customers, but you need to take care of the security of the site and SSL which we provide.

Since social networks are more widespread today than ever before, we advise you to link your website to social media.

Website design

We also offer support in multiple languages, which will allow more visitors to your website. In addition to creating the website, we will track the statistics of visits to the same using the Google Analytics tool.

This way you can find out what visitors are most looking for on your website, how many visits the page has had in a given period, etc. which can be significant for your business.

Each website also has information that the end user will need in order to contact you and find you more easily in their vicinity, so we will place a Google map and a contact form on your website.

There is a lot we could write about what includes creating a website, so we will leave such details in arrangement with you. Feel free to ask us about everything we haven’t listed and you’re interested in.

Izrada web stranica - Mellon Development