SEO optimization

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How many times a day do you type a term into a search engine? How many first offered results do you open after that?

SEO optimization

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SEO optimization

People usually choose the first few results offered on the first page, and only if they do not find what they expected then they also choose those results on the second page, and to the tenth page of the offered results rarely anyone comes.
What you want is for your website to appear among the top search results in Google search. That way you will be more visible than the competition.
If you want your page to be among the top search results when you search on Google, it should be built according to SEO rules or guidelines.
Therefore, we will do the SEO optimization for you. This means that we will do search engine optimization that will increase the amount and quality of traffic to your website. How does it work?
Google search engine offers results by keywords. These are those words that the user enters into the search engine, and it would be good to have them on your website so that the user can find you immediately according to the terms he is looking for. If the user is satisfied with the results he found on your website, then he will not need to go to your competition, but will stay on your website.

SEO optimization

SEO optimization includes internal and external optimization. Internal optimization includes actions on your website and refers to improvements on your website.
It is important to pay attention to the domain name, the title and content of the website and its short description, the structure of the link, photo editing, navigation, SEO optimized URLs, etc.
Unlike internal optimization, external optimization encompasses all actions performed outside the domain that you want to optimize with the goal of better ranking search results.
The goal is to build trust and increase authority with Google. This can be achieved by linking your website to some sites that have high online authority (e.g. social networks).
Raising the visibility of the site does not happen overnight, so SEO optimization should be considered early on.
Seo optimizacija - Mellon Development