Webshop design

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Creating a webshop can expand your business faster and easier and reach more users and potential customers.

Webshop design

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Izrada web trgovine - Mellon Development

Webshop design

Lately, customers are increasingly deciding to buy products through webshops. If you also want to expand your business in this way, we will create a webshop for you.
We will make graphic processing and adjustment of photos, input and processing of all materials prepared in digital form.
We will adjust the webshop to different screen sizes, which is important because most people today search the Internet on mobile devices, so the webshop should be adjusted to read on them.
Since social networks are more widespread today than ever before, we advise you to connect your webshop to social networks.

Webshop design

The content and appearance of a webshop can attract, but also repel potential customers, so you should make sure that the customer has all the information available and that it is easier for him to access the webshop and make purchases.
For example, it will mean a lot to the customers if they can immediately see the calculation of the shipping price, comments from other customers, can find your webshop in a search engine, etc.
In each webshop the information that the end user will need in order to contact you in case of additional questions is mandatory, so we will place a Google map and a contact form on your website.
There is a lot we could write about what includes making a webshop, so we will leave such details in arrangement with you. Feel free to ask us about everything we haven't listed and you're interested in.
Izrada web trgovine - Mellon Development