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We are Mellon

Digital technologies

The world we live in today is having a hard time functioning without digital technologies. We also use them by providing you with web design services, webshops, web applications, SEO optimization, etc.

Great ideas

Your ideas and our knowledge can improve your company business and make your work easier. We will be happy to work out with you on the ideas you have.

Creative solutions

To be recognizable in today’s world you need to be unique. We are here to help you with that.


Our services for clients

Website design

It is unquestionable that today before every purchase or use of a service we first inform ourselves on the internet and that is why it is important to have a website containing all important information about your company. According to your ideas we will create a website for your company and can offer a solution ourselves.

Webshop design

Webshops are no longer a distant future. There are more and more stores that expand their sales to the internet, which allows them to expand their business faster and easier and reach a larger number of users and potential customers. If you also want to expand your business in this way, we will create a webshop for you.

Application development

We offer you the development of applications that will facilitate the business system in your company. This can make the job easier for your employees, but also speed it up and have a better insight into your business.

SEO optimization

If you want your website to be among the first search results when searching in Google search, it should be created according to SEO rules. Therefore, we will do SEO optimization for you.

Graphic design

The world today functions mainly on visual stimuli, so visual identity is today among the leading items of brand recognition. When creating a website, we will pay attention to its appearance, topicality and attractiveness.

Customized solutions

There is no single solution that encompasses a multitude of different needs. We will create a solution for you that will be tailored for your business and clients.


Our work

About us

Mellon - We are more than a digital agency

Team work

We do every job together, in which we complement each other and achieve better results by communicating during work. The key to our teamwork is to trust ourselves and our instincts, but also to trust our business partners.


The philosophy we are guided by is contained in our name. Namely, J. R. R. Tolkien invented the elf language in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. One word from that language was especially stuck with us. It was the word „mellon“ which on elvish means friend. The situation in which the heroes of the novel found themselves and in which the word "mellon" was used is part of our philosophy that guides us in our work. We are friends who complement work and often help each other with ideas and suggestions in realizing projects.


Somewhre in Middle-earth 😀

Who are we?

We are Mellon! A team from Osijek who is in love with the IT world. We are positive and love to work on websites/shops/applications.

Our goal?

Our goal is to make you a satisfied customer by matching your wishes with the possibilities and options that are offered.

How do we work?

We adapt to each client individually, perform projects professionally and safely, and effectively solve possible difficulties.

What others say about us

We are more than a digital agency

Ines Vaić - Niva media Designation

An accesssible, hardworking, fast and extremely creative team that helped me present my work in the best possible way. Their suggestions, ideas and professionalism in business have led them to become my partners, friends and colleagues I can always rely on. We certainly continue our successful cooperation from year to year.

Mirko Pešić - Mipes Consulting Designation

Professional approach in all positions that require precision, creativity, thoughtfulness, responsibility, with special emphasis on business challenges to which they give special importance. Their engagement has contributed to increasing the efficiency and quality of our day-to-day business. Therefore, we count on their support and business cooperation in the future.

Domagoj Taborski - Taborski graphic design Designation

We are thrilled with our new website! It looks professional and is very easy to navigate. Our experience with the customer service in Mellon was great. They handle things very effectively and were available for any questions we had. They also reported us on everything so we know how our website works. I would recommend Mellon to anyone looking for website design or SEO work!

Marina Kopčić - MD Solutions Designation

From our first meeting until the moment my website went live - and even after that, the Mellon team helped me in every aspect of designing and setting up my webshop. They provide support at every step of the project. They offer tailor-made and affordable services. I am very pleased with the service they have provided and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to create a webshop.

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