Graphic design

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Graphic design - The world today functions mainly on visual stimuli, so graphic design is today among the leading items of brand recognition.

Graphic design

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Graphic design

When creating a website, we will pay attention to its appearance, relevance and attractiveness.
When you look around you on the street, you will see that you notice some symbols, signs, logos etc. more often and more easily than some others. You also remember the look of a website on the internet, something attracts or repels you more.
To be more noticeable you need to be original, however in today’s world of creativity, it is hard to create something so original that doesn’t already exist.
The goal is to make your website more attractive to users than other similar sites and to leave a good first impression on the website visitor.
The visual identity of your website is not just about choosing the colors on the page or the typeface.

Graphic design

Graphic design encompasses more than just the color or typeface. The design of a website includes the creation of logos and banners, optimization and/or processing of existing graphics, photo processing and photo customization for web solutions for both websites and web stores.
Moreover, it is important to optimize, for example, photos so that their visibility is the same on different devices (computers, mobile phones).
We will align the functionality with the graphic design, which will focus attention on end users and their experience, as well as the details that will achieve this.
Submit us your ideas and suggestions to agree on the final look of your website, store or application, and we will realize your idea.
Grafički Dizajn - Mellon Development